We all share the world. And water management – meeting the demands of all users with acceptable trade-offs that reconcile different needs – is vital. That’s a daunting challenge. So Deltares has created BlueEarth, an integrated open platform with information and tools to support water-related planning processes. Backed up by stakeholder engagement, results from the past can signpost opportunities for the future and guide you on the road to informed and interactive decision-making.

Deltares is a not-for-profit independent institute for applied research with almost a hundred years of experience in the fields of water and the subsurface. Drawing on our global experience, we are convinced that the best decisions are based on a combination of a structured and analytical planning framework with robust stakeholder engagement. Water management needs the best data, tools and decision support interfaces.

We use long-term scenarios and strategies to develop concrete short-term interventions which anticipate future developments. That means sharing knowledge and co-creation. We aim to supply you with the data, tools and dashboards needed for evidence-based decisions.

The result is BlueEarth. It consists of three core elements:

To see how we have applied the three BlueEarth elements in a range of recent projects, head to the BlueEarth Showcases

Worldwide, water-related data, information and knowledge are increasingly available. To make good decisions, you need not only access to the data but also the tools to process the data, and a structured approach to interactive decision-making with stakeholders. This is where BlueEarth comes in.  This new digital environment provides the tools and resources needed for informed and interactive water-related planning. To explain the past and explore the future.