BlueEarth Co-creation addresses the need for stakeholders and decision-makers to make good use of scientific information by providing means to effectively process, communicate and visualise this information in interactive ways.

Stakeholders and decision-makers sometimes struggle to understand or make good use of modelling information and/or datasets. This can be due to a lack of understanding regarding the datasets and information being presented, or (more often) because that information is not presented in a way to illustrate its implications on key decision-making factors.

BlueEarth Co-creation addresses this need by providing means to effectively process, communicate and visualise information from BlueEarth Tools and BlueEarth Data in interactive ways that are most meaningful to stakeholders. They can be dynamically or otherwise coupled to the models and database, depending on project needs. They include bespoke solutions such as planning dashboards which are typically co-developed with stakeholders, to more generic applications Deltares has developed for particular problem domains.  Specific examples of our work are outlined below.

Planning Dashboards

We develop planning or policy dashboards to process and visualise complex model outputs into information of direct relevance to policy makers. Our interactive and accessible dashboards are tailored to the specific decision context and project objective. We have developed a range of  dashboards, from standalone strategic assessment tools to digital technical report supplements.

More information about our dashboard is available in our Policy Dashboard Portfolio

Adaptation Support Tool (AST)

The AST is a customizable application for sustainable urban water management. It supports the collaborative planning of climate adaptation interventions for a more resilient and attractive urban environment. The AST can be used either individually or during co-creation workshops by urban planners, landscape architects, water managers, civil engineers, local stakeholders and other experts to create conceptual designs. By selecting adaptation interventions (lower left image) and situating these in a project area, users immediately obtain estimates of their effectiveness against a range of climate resilience and cost indicators.

For more information, visit the AST Deltares page