You can use BlueEarth Tools to quickly build, run, analyse and integrate water system models. The tools include state-of-the-art data processing methods that enable application at various scales and resolutions.

The three main BlueEarth Tools are:

  • Model Builder
  • Water system models
  • Computational Framework

They are developed primarily in the Open Source domain using the rich scientific Python ecosystem.

Model builder

The ‘hydromt’ model builder includes the GIS, hydrological, statistical and plotting methods need for rapidly building system models from our existing library of hydrology, water quality, groundwater and water resources packages, which are populated with BlueEarth Data other available data.

Connections between BlueEarth Tools and BlueEarth Data are dynamic and so they optimise the re-use and enhancement of existing data. This design approach also allows for seamless integration between the different tools that either share the same basic data or processed model data.

More information see Model builder (hydromt)

Water system models

The water system models typically consist of surface water, groundwater and water quality models.

Deltares has its own model software packages but we can also use and connect to others. More information about the Deltares modelling suite can be found here:

Surface water and saltwater intrusion simulation:

  • wflow (catchment hydrology)
  • Delft3D-FM Suite (coastal and rivers)


  • iMod

Water quality:

  • Delft3D-FM Suite
  • D-Emissions

Integrated river basin (combining water availability, water demand and water allocation):


Impact modules

To allow you to assess the impact on society, we connect the water models to water-sector-specific models such as agricultural models, energy or navigation models. You can also explore the effects on health, migration or social inclusiveness by connecting to context-specific knowledge. New algorithms for quantification often result in new modules, and so to improvements in documentation and transparency for stakeholders.  

Computational Framework

The Computational Framework provides the integration mechanism for all the data and models. It prepares scenarios and modelling cases and establishes any necessary links between the BlueEarth Data and BlueEarth Co-creation. This process is typically tailored to specific contexts.