The BlueEarth Digital Environment provides you with access to data and tools that help you to establish a clearer picture of water resource systems and improve system design, planning, management and operation.

We firmly believe that decision-making is most effective when it is informed by sound scientific information that decision-makers can access easily. Stakeholder deliberations about water resources and potential solutions can only be improved by the injection of relevant and impartial data and information.

To this end, we develop and apply digital modelling tools There is also a growing volume of global data on many water-related variables that we can include in our models, most of it freely available. In the IWRM analysis framework, our tools allow water managers to make critical analyses of existing systems and test whether proposed interventions will have the desired impact or actually lead to unintended consequences.

The injection of modelling data into stakeholder-driven planning processes often requires additional interfaces for decision support. We develop bespoke dashboard solutions and interactive applications in co-creative processes with stakeholders. These interfaces provide rich visualisations that enrich stakeholder discussions and informed decision-making.

The BlueEarth Digital Environment provides you with access to three digital components in a single platform:

Additional information and access to each component can be found on the relevant pages.